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Bsc - Body Science Athlete Sports Drink 400g Super Berry Flavour
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  • Bsc - Body Science Athlete Sports Drink 400g Super Berry Flavour
  • Bsc - Body Science Athlete Sports Drink 400g Super Berry Flavour

Bsc - Body Science Athlete Sports Drink 400g Super Berry Flavour

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  • Contains a Blend of 4 Specific Carbohydrates
  • Good Electrolytes
  • Reduces Onset of Fatigue
  • Promote Rapid Rehydration
  • Scientific 2:1:1 BCAA ratio
  • For Prolonged Endurance Exercise

    Athlete Sports Drink combines a specific blend of 3 amino acids, 4 carbohydrates and 5 electrolytes in a naturally sweetened, coloured and flavoured formula. Designed for athletes who exercise for prolonged lengths of time, Athlete sports drink helps to minimise the onset of exercise induced fatigue and optimise re-hydration throughout prolonged exercise. If youre serious about your endurance performance than youll know that Athlete Sports Drink is there to help you continue to push past your limits.

    Endurance athletes need to think about two crucial aspects during prolonged exercise; Carbohydrate and fluid replenishment. As a general rule, athletes should consume 30-60g of carbohydrates per hour during prolonged exercise. Fluid replenishment, despite most people thinking they know how to, is often done wrong.

    Often people drink when they get thirsty during training; however this is too late for most people. It is known that with a 2% lose of body weight during exercise comes a decrease in performance. Most people dont become thirsty during exercise until >2% of bodyweight has already been lost. Ultimately, athletes are already fatiguing and reducing performance levels without even knowing it. Luckily its a pretty simply fix. By ingesting fluids every15-20 minutes you can replenish the fluids lost and help to maintain exercise performance.

    Continuously sipping on fluids, and not drinking large amounts on the hour every hour is the most effective way to ensure your energy levels are maintained and you are not becoming dehydrated. The scientific formulation of Athlete Sports Drink helps you to maintain the both these factors throughout prolonged exercise, keeping you in the game longer.

    Carbohydrates: For exercise of prolonged durations, the ingestion of carbohydrates in order to "top up" lost muscle glycogen and prolong exercise can actually slow the rate of fluid replenishment. By including carbohydrates in a fluid solution it can aid both fluid hydration and carbohydrate delivery. A solution containing 6-8% carbohydrates would be optimal in order to achieve this. Athlete Sports Drink contains a 7% carbohydrate solution which caters for both fluid hydration and carbohydrate replenishment. Whether it be exercise lasting 90mins or exercise over 3 hours make sure you are continuously sipping on Athlete Sports Drink throughout exercise.

    Electrolytes: Electrolytes are what our bodies use to maintain muscle contractions throughout exercise. When you exercise you lose these electrolytes in your sweat meaning muscle cramp and fatigue poses an increased risk. The supplementation of electrolytes throughout prolonged exercise can maintain muscle function and fluid hydration minimising the effects of exercise induced fatigue.

    BCAA: Clinical studies indicate supplementing with as little as 1g Free Form Amino Acids improved performance, reduced post-exercise muscle damage, improved muscle glycogen re synthesis, reduced central fatigue and improved rate of perceived exertion.

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