Excilor Fungal Nail Infection Pen Applicator
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Excilor Fungal Nail Infection Pen Applicator

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  • Clinically proven efficacy
  • Can be applied in seconds
  • One complete course of treatment*
  • Dries in one minute
  • No need to file the nail
  • Results visible once the nail starts to grow back

    Quick and easy to use

    The applicator is

    very easy and convenient to use.
    designed to treat the whole of the nail.
    used to coat the entire surface of the damaged nail.


  • Before each application, clean the nail and remove any traces of nail polish.
  • Use the pen-shaped applicator to coat the whole nail and the underside of the nail rim with the product. Apply generously twice a day (once in the morning, once in the evening). For best results, treat the infected area for a minimum of three months. It is best to continue the course of treatment until the nail has recovered completely.
  • Allow the nail to dry (1 to 2 minutes) before putting on socks and/or shoes. (After each application, you can use your usual nail polish or lacquer, but dont forget to remove the nail polish before the next treatment).
  • Make sure the applicator is fully closed after each treatment to prevent evaporation.
  • Use a nail clipper to trim the nail as soon as new growth appears.
  • The applicator contains sufficient product for 400 applications.


  • For external use only.
  • Avoid all contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If the product comes into contact with eyes or mucous membranes, rinse with plenty of water.
  • In case of allergic reaction, discontinue use of the product immediately.
  • Store at room temperature and keep away from heat or direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and animals.
  • Make sure the applicator is fully closed after each treatment to prevent evaporation.
  • If there is no visible improvement in the nail as it grows back (after about one month of treatment), consult your GP.


    Acetic acid, ethyllactate, pentylene gycol, dimethyl isorbide, ammonio methacrylate, coplymer and water purified

    How it works

    Once they have established themselves under a toenail or fingernail, dermatophytes (fungi) feed on keratin, which is the substance that makes up the structure of the nail.

    Left untreated, the nails condition will worsen and it will gradually change appearance: first white patches appear, then the nail turns yellow, starts to thicken, and eventually crumbles.

    Excilor Fungal Nail Infection is able to penetrate the nail and modify its microenvironment, making it hostile to fungal growth. The effects of Excilor are visible almost immediately as the infected part of the nail grows out.

    It is important to start the treatment as soon as the first symptoms appear: the smaller the infected area, the shorter the period of treatment and the faster the nail will regain its normal, healthy appearance.

    Recommendation: as your nails grow, make sure you cut them regularly with nail clippers.


    Is this product suitable for use by diabetics?

    Excilor physically impedes the growth of infectious fungi, by reducing the pH value of the nail (making it more acidic). This is not a pharmacological effect, so there are no contraindications for diabetics. A combination of acidic substances penetrates the nail, creating an environment that is hostile to dermatophytes (the fungi responsible for mycosis). The action is localised and targeted.

    My nail has a fungal infection. How long will it take to eliminate the fungus?

    As explained on the packaging, the product should be applied to the affected nail(s) twice a day until the nail has grown back as a normal, healthy nail, the patches and/or spots have disappeared and the nail is no longer thickened or brittle.

    A nail only grows about 1.5 mm a month. Excilor not only makes the white/yellow patches on your nail disappear, but also more importantly it gets rid of the actual microorganisms (the dermatophytes, or fungi) which live under your fingernail or toenail. It can take several weeks to make all the microorganisms disappear.

    Meanwhile the healthy nail grows back and if you regularly trim the nail using nail clippers, the discoloration will gradually vanish.

    Is this product suitable for use during pregnancy?

    No clinical data are available on the use of this product during pregnancy.

    Is this product suitable for use with children?

    No clinical data are available on the use of this product in children.

    My child put the Excilor applicator in his/her mouth. What should I do?

    The applicators contents are not toxic but may irritate the mucous lining of the eyes, nose or mouth. The applicator cannot be opened, so your child cannot access the contents directly. Because Excilor has a bitter taste, your child is unlikely to swallow or ingest it deliberately. If the product comes into contact with the eyes or inside of the mouth, rinse them out using plenty of water.

    Where can I buy this product?

    Excilor is available exclusively in chemists and pharmacies.

    The instructions advised me to "clean the nail and remove any traces of nail polish" before each application. Can I simply clean the nail with soap and water, or should I always use nail polish remover?

    You only have to use nail polish remover if the nail is covered with nail polish. If Excilor is used on nail polish, it can partially dissolve the nail polish this in turn contaminates the product so it no longer works properly. Whats more, Excilor is unable to penetrate nail polish as effectively. Thats why you should use nail polish remover to remove any nail polish so the Excilor product can penetrate the nail properly and reach the infected area.

    What active ingredients does the product contain?

    Excilor is a Class IIa medical device, not a medicinal product. It does not have a pharmacological effect on the mycosis. Its effect is based on a physical principle: the long-term acidification of the microenvironment around and under your nail.

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