Aqueous Cream BP 100g
Aqueous Cream BP 100g

Aqueous Cream BP 100g

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Often times, the types of creams and moisturizers we end up finding in the drug and grocery stores can end up leaving people who have sensitive skin in rashes. Especially for folks who have chronically dry skin conditions like eczema, finding the right product to hold in that moisture can be very difficult. With soap, its an even bigger problem. For some reason, most types of soap one can buy end up leaving the worst kinds of residue, which results in irritating, and sometimes-painful rashes. However, there is a worthy solution, which I urge you to try: aqueous cream BP.

Aqueous cream BP is a paraffin-based product, which uses a non-greasy formula in order to trap in that necessary moisture in order to prevent painful rashes. While aqueous cream BP can be used as a moisturizer, it is often best used as an alternative soap. As I said before, most soap formulas have a nasty tendency to leave a residue, which for some reason, often results in dry, cracked skin once the skin has totally dried. Aqueous cream will not cause this problem, for the simple fact that the product was designed to leave a film, which prevents rashes. This film will protect the skin and hold in moisture.

Essentially, a rash, especially with a skin condition like eczema, occurs because the skin cells on the epidermis lose moisture and become rigid and brittle. Aqueous cream BP keeps that moisture inside the skin cells, which causes them to remain flexible. Flexible skin cells wont crack or itch. This is basically how aqueous cream BP is able to prevent folks from developing rashes.

In addition, since aqueous cream BP does not utilize toxic chemicals or medications, it can be used on just about anybody from babies to the elderly. Now, there may be certain cases where someone with very, very sensitive skin will develop a reaction to something in the aqueous cream BP, but this is not likely. However, if a rash does, in fact, develop. Its best to first, contact your doctor, and then seek out an alternative.

Nevertheless, aqueous cream BP remains as one of the best ways to fight eczema, due to its effectiveness against the skin condition, and its versatility. Aqueous cream BP can be used, both as a soap, but also as a moisturizer. Now, it is often best used as a soap, but if the eczema persists, it can be used to moisturize will not in the shower.

The user can simply apply the cream liberally to problem areas, and because it does not contain any medications or toxins, the user can reapply whenever it is necessary to control the skin condition. If the user wants to use it as soap, then simply apply as you would if you were using a body wash. Also, it does not contain perfumes.

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