An Online Pharmacy for all Australians


In the far-flung regions of this vast country, the need for vital medication is no less acute than in the city. But residents of the countryside have always struggled to access medical care and products, typically expending considerable more time and energy than those of us living closer to city centres. The merits of an online pharmacy for Australians, offering premium products and fast delivery methods, are clear.

Your Discount Chemist is a family business, begun by four members of a pharmaceutical family. We knew that we could develop an online shopping solution that made use of modern shopping and delivery methods. We envisioned an online store that functioned as well, or better, than any physical pharmacy – for service, variety, and price – and which would not oblige our customers to travel great lengths to access their must-have products.

At Your Discount Chemist, we have created a service that takes direct aim at those clients in need of medication delivered to their door, on time, every time. We offer a store that can be accessed by anyone at any time, regardless of their location. We provide a solution to the problems faced by the residents of this far-flung country, providing any and all medications with accompanying shipping solutions throughout New South Wales and Australia at large, through a convenient online pharmacy.

Best of all, our online store can offer you the same discounts and deals that you would find in a store in your city. You won't only be saving time – you will be saving money, as well.

Order today to experience the advantages that we can offer your weekly and monthly routine! Here at Your Discount Chemist, our compounding pharmacy brings a wealth of products and convenience to every home in Australia, and we look forward to helping you.