Stratamed Advanced Film Forming Wound Dressing 5g
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Stratamed Advanced Film Forming Wound Dressing 5g

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The first film-forming silicone gel-based wound dressing approved for the use on open wounds and compromised skin

Silicone's long-standing efficacy for wound healing, scar prevention and scar treatment has now taken a leap forward with the development of Stratamed – specifically developed for use on non epithelialized skin.

Stratamed is a full contact flexible wound dressing.

  • Stratamed is the first semi-occlusive, self- drying, transparent silicone wound dressing in a form of gel, that can be applied on compromised skin.
  • Stratamed dries to form a thin, flexible, protective layer that is gas permeable and waterproof which hydrates and protects compromised skin areas and open wounds from chemical and microbial invasion.
  • Stratamed allows prevention of abnormal scarring to begin earlier than ever before.
  • Stratamed can be applied to open wounds, with or without secondary dressing

    Stratamed – the evolution in wound healing and scar management


  • Creates an optimal environment for faster re-epithelialization resulting in reduced downtime
  • Reduces and normalizes the inflammatory response li> Hydrates and protects superficial wounds and compromised skin
  • Does not adhere strongly to the wound bed or the newly formed granulating tissue
  • Improves the visible outcome of the treatment
  • Provides symptomatic relief (redness/discoloration, itching, discomfort, pain)
  • Prevents abnormal scar formation


  • Bacteriostatic – protects compromised skin areas and open wounds from chemical and microbial invasion
  • Gas permeable – ensures exchange of the gases, prevents maceration and allows skin to "breath"
  • Inert – it does not affect the protective acid mantle of the skin
  • Suitable for children or people with sensitive skin. May be used on infants, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding


  • Easy and painless to apply and to remove with a great safety profile
  • Simple, safe and convenient for patients to use at home

    Stratamed can be used immediately after surgical procedures, trauma, skin resurfacing, burns*, chronic wounds etc.

  • Faster wound healing and reduced inflammatory response
  • Improves the visible outcome of the procedure
  • Allows prevention of abnormal scarring to begin earlier than ever before

    Stratamed helps to create an optimal moist wound healing environment for the healing process of the wound, which leads to

  • Increase rate of epithelial cells migration, thus faster wound healing
  • Reducing the symptomatic responses (redness/discoloration, itching, discomfort and pain)
  • Dramatically decreasing the incidence of abnormal scarrin

    Stratamed is semi-occlusive and hydrophobic and does not adhere strongly to the newly formed granulating tissue, which leads to

  • Gas permeability while reducing TEWL
  • Maintaining the wound hydration balance, without maceration
  • Faster migration of keratinocytes across the wound bed

    Stratamed consists of inert silicone polymers with no measurable pH value, which form a flexible protective sheet, that

  • Does not affect the protective acid mantle of the skin
  • Reduces the inflammatory response
  • Enables an effective wound healing and enhances therapeutic results

    Stratamed dries to form a full contact flexible wound dressing:

  • Suitable for different wound types and shapes
  • Excellent flexibility and adaptability to all kind of wound surfaces
  • Able to "mimic" the epidermal barrier

    Stratamed is a simple addition to existing wound care protocols with no changes required. It can be used with or without secondary protective dressing.

  • Simple, easy, safe and convenient to use, painless to apply and remove
  • Chemically and mechanically compatible with secondary dressing
  • Patients can continue treatment at home

    Stratamed is bacteriostatic and inert, supplied in "sterile until open" format:

  • Prevents the wound infection
  • Enable to do the first application at the surgery room

    Stratamed is a high molecular weight polymer – not absorbed through the skin or through the gastrointestinal tract

    Stratamed after skin rejuvenation and resurfacing

    Stratamed is a breakthrough in post procedure care.

    Following the correct treatment and technique, post procedure care is the key for achieving the best result, patient satisfaction and downtime.

    Applying Stratamed immediately post procedure:

  • speeds up the healing process resulting in downtime by creating an optimal environment for faster re-epithelialization
  • hydrates the compromised skin by reducing TEWL
  • allows the exchange of gases to prevent maceration, because of semi-occlusive nature of Stratamed
  • improves the visible outcome of the treatment
  • provides excellent soothing effect
  • immediately decreases post-inflammatory burning sensation by reducing erythema and superficial skin temperature
  • protects the compromised skin from microbial and bacterial invasion
  • leads to a more comfortable post procedure care and increases user's compliance to multiple session protocol

    Stratamed for scar prevention and scar treatment

    The main focus for clinicians is to achieve rapid epithelialization as a first measure of wound care to prevent abnormal scar formation. This is particularly important for wounds subjected to tension due to motion, body location or loss of tissue."

    Fast wound healing is key to minimize abnormal scar formation.

    With Stratamed, physicians and patients are now able to begin their silicone therapy earlier than ever before, which significantly reduces the likelihood and severity of abnormal scarring.

    Stratamed can also be used in conjunction with other invasive scar management options to improve overall results, including surgical excision and resuturing, intralesional steroid injections and pressure garments.

    For scar prevention and treatment Stratamed:

  • softens and flattens raised scars and allows scars to normalize the collagen synthesis process, producing a normal mature scar
  • can be used with or without a secondary protective dressing
  • is ideal for exposed areas like the face and neck as well as joints and hairy areas without the need for shaving
  • is used to relieve itching and discomfort, reduce redness and discoloration associated with damaged skin and scars

    How Stratamed works

    Faster re-epithelialization of the wound bed

    Stratamed's protective and hydrophobic silicone film has a semi- occlusive effect and therefore improves the tissue hydration of the injured skin area. It allows a faster migration of keratinocytes across the wound bed and supports a more rapid re-epithelization and effective healing. The faster re-epithelialization dramatically decreases the incidence of abnormal scarring and gives patients a faster recovery time.

    Reduction of inflammatory response Stratamed forms a flexible, protective sheet that is gas permeable but semi-occlusive, which weakly bonds to the injured skin and protects it from chemical and microbial invasion, but it does not penetrate into the epidermis or dermis. The polymers Startamed contains have no measurable pH value, and therefore do not affect the protective acid mantle of the skin and do not react with the newly forming epithelial tissues. This leads to a reduction in the inflammatory response (redness/discoloration, burning sensation, itching, discomfort, pain etc), and effective healing of the wound and therefore enhances therapeutic results

    Abnormal scar prevention

    After the re-epithelialization of a wound, the stratum corneum is immature and still allows abnormally high levels of Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). Dehydration is signaled to keratinocytes, which then start to produce cytokines, which in epidermal-dermal signal- ing activate dermal fibroblasts to synthesize and release collagen. Excessive collagen production leads to abnormal scarring.

    At this wound healing stage, the Stratamed layer restores the barrier function of the stratum corneum, reduces TEWL and stops dehydration of the skin. Reduction of TEWL turns off stimulation of keratinocytes and the production of cytokines and thus normalizes the level of collagen production, resulting in a normal mature scar.

    How to use Stratamed

    The usage of Stratamed does not require changes in any existing wound care protocol. It is a simple addition to your usual process – but with great effects. First ensure that the affected skin or wound is clean. Gently pat dry as much excess exudate or wound fluid from the wound as possible prior to the application of Stratamed.

    For best results Stratamed should be maintained in continuous contact with the skin (24 hours a day/7 days a week). When applied correctly to exposed areas, Stratamed should be dry in 5–6 minutes. If it takes longer to dry you have probably applied too much. Gently remove the excess with a clean tissue or gauze and allow the drying process to continue

    On damaged or broken skin not requiring a secondary dressing:

  • Apply a very thin layer of Stratamed to the affected area and allow the gel to dry
  • Stratamed should be applied once daily, or twice daily to exposed areas or as advised by your physician.
  • Once dry, Stratamed can be covered by sun screen, cosmetics, pressure garments or casts.

    On damaged skin or wounds requiring a secondary dressing

  • Apply a thin layer of Stratamed then cover with the secondary dressing. Drying is not necessary.
  • Stratamed should be reapplied when changing the dressing or checking wound progress, or as advised by your physician.

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