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1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit Blue Black
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1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit Blue Black

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Once wearing 1000 Hours Lash Colour the "make up" look is achieved quickly by just applying lipstick and blusher

- No Smudge permanent colour for eyelashes and brows
- Beautiful, professional results in just 3 easy steps
- Australian made
- 12 applications per pack
- Quick and easy to use
- Safe and effective
- Economical - you can treat yourself to a lash & brow colour at home for a fraction of the cost of a beauty salon eyelash & brow tint
- Waterproof, does not smudge or run
- 1000 Hour Lash Colour looks far more natural than mascara for "todays look".

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It is a well known fact that certain individuals, for undetermined reasons, may be allergic or hypersensitive to foods, drugs, cosmetics or any other substances or materials that are harmless to most people. The relatively few people who are subject to such reactions are said to be allergic or hypersensitive.


To ascertain whether you are hypersensitive or allergic to this product you must make this preliminary patch skin test 48 hours before application.

1. Prepare the test mixture by mixing a small quantity as directed.
2. Apply a few drops of the mixture to a previously washed area the size of a small coin on the inner fold of the elbow.
3. Allow the test area to dry and leave uncovered and undisturbed for 48 hours.

During or immediately after the 48 hour period, if any burning, swelling, redness or irritation shown in or around the area, then it must be assumed that you are allergic to the product and must not use it.

This product must not be applied to the lashes or hair if the skin nearby shows evidence of any abrasion or soreness

Avoid getting mixture into the eyes. If this occurs, immediately flush with cold tap water


Things you need:

1. Paper towelling
2. Dish of cold tap water
3. Vaseline
4. Cotton wool balls
5. Cotton buds

For colouring brows and other hair follow the same instructions leaving the mixture on for about 6 minutes, and removing it using only dampened cotton wool.

When applying to someone else.

1. Make sure lashes are completely clean by removing natural oils as well as make up with a non-oily cleanser.
2. Trace out two eye-pads onto paper towelling, then cut to shape as traced (see over).
3. Squeeze into the mixing cup about 2.5cm (1_) of cream. Add 10 drops of liquid and mix together well using the wand provided.
4. Apply a liberal film of vaseline using a cotton bud to one side of each eye-pad, then adhere the pads to the skin as close as possible to the bottom lashes.
5. In a lying down position with eyes closed (must be kept closed for next 12-15 minutes) apply mixture using wand in the same manner as applying mascara, i.e. upward strokes catching bottom lashes and the tips of the top lashes. Now do downward strokes to the top lashes.
6. With eyes still closed leave on for ten minutes. Avoid opening eyes as this may cause irritation.
7. With eyes still closed use dampened cotton wool balls to remove any residual mixture. Use downward strokes first then use upward strokes.
8. Remove pads and eyes can now be opened. Using dampened cotton buds remove vaseline and any residual mixture. Slight stinging may occur which is a normal reaction, if it persists for more than one minute flush with an eye bath of cold tap wate

When applying to yourself.

1. Make sure your lashes are completely clean by removing natural oils as well as make-up with a non-oily cleanser.
2. Squeeze into the mixing cup about 2.5cm (1_) of cream. Add 10 drops of liquid and mix together well using the wand provided.
3. Apply a film of vaseline to the areas immediately above and below the lashes.
4. Apply the mixture to the lashes using the wand as if you were applying normal mascara and leave on for ten minutes.
5. Using a slightly dampened cotton bud remove most of the mixture with gentle strokes away from the eye. Close your eyes and now use slightly dampened cotton wool to remove the remainder. Slight stinging may occur which is a normal reaction. If it persists for more than one minute flush with an eye bath of cold tap water.

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