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At Your Discount Chemist, we provide pharmaceutical solutions to Australian residents located throughout the furthest reaches of the lucky land. Our online pharmacy combines cheap discount prices with fast and inexpensive shipping, offering a premier online chemist to any and all Australians across the breadth of our country.

An all-Australian firm based in Port Macquarie, Your Discount Chemist aims to reduce the distance and the effort involved in accessing premium pharmaceutical care in Australia. Now, regardless of locale or proximity to a city centre, anyone with a web connection can access premium goods and a versatile online pharmacy, only a click away.

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At Your Discount Chemist, we provide some of the finest brands in cosmetics, makeup, pharmaceuticals, and more! These renowned products offer the best treatment, look, and value for your money to be found anywhere. And now, they are within reach of anyone in the country. Cruise our online pharmacy, make your purchase, and your chosen product will be sent directly to your door. Review our shipping methods and terms here, and testimonials from our happy customers here.

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  • Codeine Containing Products Become Prescription Only

    Neurofolin as Seen on TV

    Its official, from 1st February 2018 all over-the-counter (OTC) medicines containing codeine became prescription only medications. It’s been one and half months since the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announcement has come into effect and many customers have been left in the dark about why and how to access their regular medications in safe and controlled manner. This article will shed some light on the new law and its repercussions on Australian consumers.

    Your Discount Chemist
  • Neurofolin for treatment of depression

    Neurofolin as Seen on TV

    Depression is a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest, which stops you doing your normal activities. In Australia depression affects over 1 million people. Diagnosis and treatment of depression should always start always with seeing your doctor for an assessment. However, there is a new promising over the counter treatment that is showing positive signs when used in conjunction or alone with an antidepressant - L-methylfolate, marketed in Australia under the brand name Neurofolin.

    Your Discount Chemist
  • Optifast Shakes to beat back the Obesity trend!

    Optifast Shakes

    The iconic Australian barbeque is among the most recognisable aspects of our shared heritage. We love to eat well in the lucky land, but this has come with some downsides: we now feature one of the fastest-growing rates of obesity in the world, particularly among the younger cohorts. It is not a healthy trend for us to pass on to the next generation. Luckily for us, there is Optifast

    Your Discount Chemist
  • Max Factor Cosmetics: A History of Innovation

    Max Factor Cosmetics: A History of Innovation

    The Max Factor salon in Beverly Hills, California, remains an iconic spot for many aficionados of the makeup industry. This was the home salon for the renowned owner of Max Factor, Maksymilian Faktorowicz, a Polish immigrant who came to Los Angeles around the turn of the century. His innovative approach and collaborative efforts with the movie studios around him led to a firm whose successes continue to this day.

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