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Avent, a subsidiary company of Philips, is known for producing some of the finest child care products available. An English firm based in Suffolk, they have consistently turned out child care products that prove both popular and functional everywhere in the world, and now, they are available to be delivered right to your door.

Avent’s wide focus includes baby bottles, sterilisers, feeding devices and aids, cups, and cleaning tools. It’s wide range of different products is linked together by the same principles that have served it well throughout it’s lengthy life: a devotion to quality, and a product that is hard-wearing and lasts well, through all the abuse your young ones can provide.

The Avent lineup of baby bottles are free of BPA and heat resistant, and are equipped with both ergonomic handles for you, and easy-latch nipple that closely approximates the genuine article. These unique, anti-colic bottles make it very easy for your baby and yourself to switch between the two feeding sources.

Avent’s sterilisers have been designed and built so as to minimise the spread of germs around your baby’s environment. They are able to clean and sterilise your bottles, nipples, and other feeding implements, keeping them out of your baby’s sphere, and keeping them healthy.

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