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It is a simple fact of modern living, that the more stylish your footwear, the less comfortable it will be for your feet. Dress shoes, tight flats, and fashionable heels can cause considerable pain to their devotees, and many a foot is crying out for a more comfortable alternative. Now, there is one.

Maseur Sandals have long been an integral part of the Australian footwear landscape. Gabriel Eber invented the revolutionary design concept of Maseur Sandals over 20 years ago, with the mission of creating the healthiest footwear ever made for reviving tired, aching feet and foot muscles. Gabriel realised that many aches, pains, circulation problems and general wellbeing are linked to the nerve endings in the feet. His design of the Maseur footbed follows the natural contours of a healthy foot, ensuring that the foot is always placed in an optimal position.

The result is perfectly alignment that assists in your overall wellbeing. The inclusion of the hundreds of massage nodules stimulate the approximately 7200 nerve endings that terminate in your feet, promoting blood flow and increasing circulation. By wearing your Maseur Sandals you can receive a massage as deep and as therapeutic as you would receive from a massage therapist. Your entire body feels re-energized. Flexibility, strength and durability are the hallmarks of Maseur Sandals, and now, they can be shipped right to your door.

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