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U by Kotex 16 Mini Slim Tampons
U by Kotex 16 Mini Slim Tampons

U by Kotex 16 Mini Slim Tampons

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Unlike rock-chick skinny jeans, when it comes to U tampons, slim means comfortable. U tampons also come with a slender tip so theyre easier to use.

Use for light flow or in the first or last days of your period. 8g absorbency just so you know, thats about 2 teaspoons.

Tampons, like pads, soak up the menstrual fluid during your period. They are made of a compact absorbent material such as cotton or rayon and pressed together to form a cylinder-like shape. All this talk of tampons, pads and panty liners can be a bit overwhelming and confusing, but the major difference between tampons, pads and panty liners is that a tampon is worn inside the vagina and pads and panty liners are worn outside the vagina. Whatever you choose to use, both pads and tampons are healthy and safe ways to absorb your menstrual flow. Tampons absorb your menstrual flow before it has a chance to leave your body.

Some girls are a bit nervous about using tampons because they think that the tampon could get lost inside their body. If youre thinking this, then relax! Even if you use a mini tampon, the muscles in your vagina hold it in place so its impossible for the tampon to get lost. Occasionally, however, the string of the tampon (the string is supposed to hang outside of your body) can get inserted with the tampon. If this occurs, dont panic! Tampons can be removed without the string just relax and remove it with your fingers.

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