Swisse | Vitamins & Dietary Supplements from Your Discount Chemist

The Swisse lineup of health products are among the most respected in the world of pharmaceuticals. This all-Australian success story, begun in a humble warehouse in Melbourne in the late 1960s, has offered Australian consumers healthy supplements and vitamins for over half a century, a legacy that continues today.

Swisse places its focus on providing health products to consumers for a competitive cost, and they have extended their product offerings across a huge lineup of different supplements and vitamins. Their trusted name has begun to make waves overseas, where a reputation of providing a trustworthy product has preceded them. With plans to extend their influence in to over 30 more countries outside of their current reach of Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, and Malaysia, these are exciting times for this iconic brand.

At Your Discount Chemist, we provide a wide range of Swisse products for delivery across Australia. We are always happy to extend the reach of this trusted, and trustworthy, all-Australian brand. Check them out today!